Some places seem to qualify as border-name places but for various reasons do not. The book explains in detail, but a list of these towns and some explanation is provided below. They fall into two categories: spurious border-name places and other name-spliced places.

Spurious Border-Name Places

These names look like they could be "places at state lines, with names spliced together from the names of the two states." For various reasons they are not, though some sources claim otherwise. The names do not derive from state names, they are not on borders the names suggest, or they simply do not exist. See the book for explanations.

Geographically Possible Names
- The states implied by the names share boundaries.

Calvada Meadows Marydell Texhoma City
Calvada Mill Michillinda Texokla
Coahoma Naco Texola
Cokan Nosodak Texoma
Colo-Kan Oark Vicarol
Kanado Okeana Viropa
Kolokan Orovada Wyco
Kyana Ovapa Wyodak
Manasota Tennala  
Manawan Texana  

Geographically Impossible Places
- The states implied by the names do not have common boundaries.

Alco Idalou Palaco
Alva Idana Tensas Station
Arimo Indiahoma Texmo
Arizmo Kansada Ukalta
Cal-Ida Mantario Weslaco
Calwa Massee Wyola
Colmar Ohiowa Wyoma
Idamar Oreana  
Idana Orinda  


Edge Effects: The Border-Name Places, Written By: Robert D. Temple
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